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Nidan offers a number of education and training opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, medical students, residents and fellows in the field of Radiology and Pathology.

The objectives of the institution are to ensure the development of personal skills so as to enable them to get jobs in various organizations but also capable of running their own businesses.

Every citizen in a modern democracy should be equipped to contribute effectively to the welfare of the society. Thus on practice as well as theoretical grounds and from social as well as individualistic point of view, it is necessary to equip every young person for some occupation, so that he/she may contribute effectively to the satisfaction of human wants.

This fact has been receiving focus in the recommendations of various education commissions since 1664-66 till the National Education Policy of 1986 have emphasized the priority of vocational education program. Work experience should be introduced on an integral part of all education, general or vocational, as one of the programs to relate education to life and productivity.

Nidan Para Medical Training Institution has been affiliated by BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ vide their memo No ORS / 017 dated 08.06.09 (Approved by Govt. of India since 1952)

Bharat Sevak Samaj is the National Development Agency sponsored by the Planning Commission, Government of India to ensure public Co-operation for implanting Government plans.

The main purpose behind the formation of Bharat Sevak Samaj is to indicate a nationwide non official and non political Organisation with the object of enabling individuals’ citizens to contribute, in the form of an organized Co-operative effort, to the implementation of the National Development Plan.

The constitution and functioning of Bharat Sevak Samaj is approved unanimously by the Indian parliaments in 1952 .

The highlights of teaching learning strategies of the institution are as follows:-

Demonstration, Remedial Work, Class with Electronic Media Supports, Self Check Exercises, Problem Solving, Ensuring that Learners Possess the knowledge and equipment necessary to use the technology in the training program and helping the students as per need.


Our institution provides training programme in a range of Health and Paramedical areas.

They are:


  1. 1. Lab Assistant
  2. 2. ECG Technician
  3. 3. X-ray Technician
  4. 4. CT Scan Technician
  5. 5. MRI Scan Technician


For the entire above course the duration of course is one year from June to May of every year.


It is an added advantage that the development of curriculum, extension of training, information dissemination, monitoring, evaluation, consultancy services and the quality and standards of teaching professional of our NIDAN PARA MEDICAL TRAINING INSTITUTION are up to the standards. It is to be noted that our institution serves as overall Resource and Research center